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Doesn't the photo at the top of this article look like the picture I drew of Lucky in Ambrose's hands :
A Handful of Warm Fur by oingy-boingy
Turning Out by oingy-boingy
Turning Out
Third request picture completed :D This was suggested by Okarnillart who said Spring shots of the horses being turned out for the first time in good weather? - lovely idea, thank you! I might do some more on the same theme if time allows, with the posh set's hunters, or the farm's two riding horses, but I thought this was a nice way to get the heavies a bit more attention for a change :)

Ambrose likes to think he can handle a horse well, but in reality he's only really any good at coping with one who willingly goes along with him - any hint of acting up or being wilful and he really doesn't have the experience to know what to do : in this case he's been surprised and pulled clear off his feet cos he didn't keep a hard hold on one he ought to have known was going to get over-excited about being taken up to the summer grazing for the first time :)
As for Wil - yes, we see you holding two huge strong horses quite capably in one hand, stop showing off XD

These are the farm's three working horses. Orby the bay gelding, last seen being led in early through a heavy snowstorm (in Better Bring The Horses In) when he still had his shaggy winter coat (incidentally that's the exact same background reworked to spring weather and seasonal foliage & flowers for today's drawing).
The other two haven't been drawn before so let this count as their introduction : Blackjack nearest to us with the big sabino markings and roaning, and his plainer half sister May Queen - known to all as Jack and Queenie.
Blackjack and Orby work best as a pair, Queenie tending to bully and snip at her brother, and be lazy, making them difficult to drive together, but she's fine on her own in single work, and by far the most even-tempered and relaxed on the roads and in town, so she's usually used with the wagon when taking things to market, while the boys are mostly used for harrowing, ploughing, seeding, and harvesting work at home, and any heavier loads which need a pair. Orby is Ambrose's favourite of the three, though admittedly not for a good hour after this scene happened :D
Cats! by oingy-boingy
Second request sketch, this one by ElreniaGreenleaf who simply shouted Cats! at me :D

These are the first three cats Ambrose adopts when he settles in to his new home after the war. Tommy, rolling about in the dirt at the front, is the first one - he actually comes with the house, a stray who used to visit the previous owners and is just as affectionate and clingy when he finds new people start living there. Laurence does warn Ambrose that if he feeds the cat it will stay, but this does little good, in fact Ambrose grins and passes it another piece of ham. They name him Tommy, and very soon he's sleeping inside the house and treating it as his very own :D
The second cat to arrive is Smoky, the tall grey one with four white paws - he was part of an unwanted litter at the farm and when Ambrose heard that kittens get drowned, he immediately said he would take them if they'd just be spared long enough to be parted from their mum. So the kittens were left alone, and when they were eight weeks old one came home with Ambrose, one was delivered to his sister (who didn't really want a cat, but was soon won over once she saw it), and one went home with one of the other farm hands as a pet for his elderly grandmother.
The third cat is a scruffy patchy stray, a surprise gift from Felix who fell in love with the local kitten population while visiting Giuseppe in Rome, and decided to take one all the way home with him as a present for his cat-loving friend. The kitten was smuggled on board ship and kept secretly in his cabin, fed on a supply of tinned pilchards and milk 'borrowed' from the dining hall each morning at breakfast. Ambrose was delighted with his gift, much better than some boring holiday souvenir, and Laurence at this point forbade the getting of any more cats, telling Felix he was just as bad for helping! XD

(If I haven't drawn your request yet don't think I'm ignoring it, just working my way through them and this is all I had time to finish so far!)
April Showers by oingy-boingy
April Showers
Last week I asked for idea suggestions or requests, here is the first of those drawings : Something involving April showers requested by oakhollowd :D I chose Amyas and Peter as I know those two are favourites of yours, and sent them out to get caught in the heaviest rain shower they've ever seen! Amyas, being his usual kind considerate self, is holding the umbrella over Peter's head, meaning he's getting half-soaked himself, but Peter doesn't realise or he'd be horrified and refuse to shelter under it at all, heh.
I'm having one of those I don't know what to draw days, anyone have any requests or suggestions on what you'd like to see? Obviously, within reason, and using the cast of characters (equine, human, or pet!) that I have already - asking me to draw a robot or a celebrity or a pokemon will get you precisely nowhere XD 
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