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I've drawn two versions of a portrait, now I don't know which I like best. I might subject you to both copies in quick succession so you can play spot-the-difference :D
Pug by oingy-boingy
"Yes, Aubrey?"
"There is an exceedingly ugly creature in my motor car, I assume it has something to do with you."
"I told you had got a dog."
"I was expecting one which bore any resemblance to its own species. This is not a normal dog. What happened to it?"
"She's a pug, they're supposed to look like that."
"Poor thing. I hope it is house-trained. And not nauseated by car travel, heaven help us if the thing tries to vomit. Which end is the front? I cannot tell. Does it even know?"
"Leave her alone, her name is Gigi and she is a very sweet dog."
"Might it come out of my car? Here, dog. Out. Out!"
"Aubrey, she cannot open the door of her own accord."
"See, if you had bought a dog of decent leg-length, it would be able to hop out of an open-topped motor vehicle without assistance. You've gone and acquired one which is not only hideous, but entirely useless!"

And so Gigi the pug joins the cast :D I'd always had an idea that Iris would end up with a dog so ugly she could not help but love it, and would have to defend the poor thing from all Aubrey's insults any time the three of them were together. He can't remember the dog's name to start with, and will call it anything beginning with G which pops to mind - a habit which sticks long after he's got used to it being around, leading to an endless succession of spontaneous and often comical renamings XD

(Of course I realised after choosing a pug that I'd then have to draw pugs, and oh are they difficult little things! Expect Gigi to appear more often in written form than in the matching illustrations XD )
Innamorati : The Lovers by oingy-boingy
Innamorati : The Lovers
I've been drawing a lot of wintery pictures lately, here's something much more summery! Summer in Italy, to be precise, the terrace of an old villa on the outskirts of Rome.
Felix may not earn a great deal, but he works two jobs and saves his pennies carefully, enough to afford a sea voyage to Italy every few years, to visit Giuseppe, the object of his affection (or one of them, at least!). Partly a long-distance love affair conducted by letters when they're apart, their romance survives despite the difficulties, the lengthy seperations and even two world wars, and Felix soon feels quite at home in another country. He picks up the language well, being an actor he's used to learning lines and finds this helps when remembering a whole new set of words for things - even if the first few phrases he learns by heart are rather rude thanks to Giuseppe's mischievous teaching! :D 

The casual, even scruffy, outfits these two wear when lounging around in private and not dressed up smart for work or evenings out, give their pictures such a modern look - they could be a contemporary couple here, even if nothing they're wearing is actually inaccurate for their existance in the 1910s : Felix's shirt with an attached collar of the same fabric was common in the working classes by the beginning of the war, and Giuseppe's got a style of simple cotton open-neck shirt which hasn't changed at all since then. It's kind of frustrating when I can't do anything to make them look like they're back when they belong (it's too hot for waistcoats or hats), but you'll just have to trust me that the clothes are fine ;)

The flowers on the right hand side are passionflowers, it seemed the most fitting addition to this pair's picture (roses being claimed by Ambrose who would get jealous if I started drawing them near other couples too, he's probably already sulking cos I drew something romantic and he wasn't in it this time, heh)
A couple of years ago, my resolutions were to work on improving my lighting, and varying my style (as well as just Really Really Trying, which is rather vague but I knew what I meant, heh). I like to think both of those were a success, by the end of 2013 I was a lot happier with the way my things were turning out. In 2014 I aimed not to slip back into old habits and go for simple'n'easy rather than pushing myself to make pictures look how I really wanted to be able to draw. Again, I reckon I did ok there, with about equal amounts of inside-my-comfort-zone and attempting-something-challenging, and the more difficult drawings were all reasonably successful ones, which made pretty pictures and some left me rather satisfied in the bizarre and contradictory smug/shocked did I really draw that?! way which must be familiar to all amateur artists who surprise themselves with unexpected good work XD So for 2015 I'll note down what else I'd like to improve or work towards, as having the resolutions in mind seems to have positive effects on my progress!

Poses : A tricky one to start! I'm aware I go for a lot of easy poses, and easy angles when drawing close-up portraits or head-and-shoulders scenes of characters interacting. I started out only ever drawing horses, never people, and it took me a long time to really get to grips with the shapes, proportions, and features of the human face. This means I tend to have one or two favoured angles to draw a face from, cos those are really the only views I'm capable of getting right. This year, I'd like to work on posing the characters in more varied ways, and choosing angles which challenge me rather than being simple and straightforward.

Sharp shadows : I'm incapable of drawing anyone in direct sunlight without panicking and changing the weather so there's no need for actual shadows, just shading. It's not all sunlight which is impossible, I can even deal with things which ought to be more difficult. Dappled light under trees, fine. Indoors with window and artificial light from opposite directions, fine. Weird backlit glowing-highlights sunset thing, fine. But stand a character outdoors on a sunny day and I'll be clamouring to hand them a parasol or make it rain :D

Expressions : There's a lot I haven't really tried yet, so much I could do with the faces I've got used to drawing with a simple smile, or a placid neutral look, and just the occasional bit of temper (Aubrey that's you). I'd like to be able to draw someone laughing hysterically, or crying, or looking fierce in the middle of a fight - things which really distort the face and yet also require consistancy to still look like the person they're mean to be. 

So....let's see if I manage to do any one of these to a satisfactory amount by the end of the year. I'll probably just draw a lot more pretty horses and Ambrose and bunnies XD
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Mid Winter Melancholy by oingy-boingy
Mid Winter Melancholy
Peter is not the slightest bit glad to see that it snows, again. The first snow of winter left him in a state of confusion, he did not know whether the memories of sledging, building a snowman taller than himself, and snowball fights (or rather, being a snowball target) all with Amyas were happy because they had happened, or sad because this year his only dear friend was so far away - and that if it had snowed there, too, he was not enjoying it. At first he smiled, letting his mind dwell in the past, the fun they'd had, but as the day passed, it just made him miss the boy even more, and by nightfall he was cursing the fact it had snowed and made everything that bit more painful. Now, snowing again, his unhappy soul has skipped straight to the sadness, and he sits in silence, elaborately planning phrases he can write to tell of the wintery weather without giving away how lonely and miserable he's feeling right now.

I do apologise, this scene is a bit of a downer after all the hunters out having fun in the previous set of uploads, but I thought I hadn't drawn Peter for such a while that it had to be his turn, and he just didn't seem to want to be in a cheery drawing, so I set it while Amyas is away in the army and he's sulking about being all solitary and cold. Samson and Cornelius will sort him out, don't worry : it's completely impossible to have dinner in that house without being cheered up whether you want it or not :D

(I now want to draw a comical cartoon montage of young-Peter being relentlessly snowballed by young-Amyas)

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