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A Birthday Portrait : Laurence by oingy-boingy
A Birthday Portrait : Laurence
It's Laurence's birthday today (27th June), so here's a new portrait of him :D The first full-colour lineless thing to be created completely on the new tablet! I'm sure you're all quite fed up with me going on about how difficult I'm finding it to adjust to a new one, but still, imagine more of the same sort of complaining here. I am at least getting a bit better at forcing myself to use the thing, and quite a bit faster - I sketched this one wednesday, coloured him in about four hours of intensive work and no distractions on thursday evening, and finished the final little bit of tweaking his smile and the shine on the tip of his nose this evening, so it was ready to be posted on the right day. Happy birthday, young Mr Jeffries :)
Not quite the expression I was aiming for, but I struggle a lot with getting open-mouth smiling to look at all realistic or natural, and am just glad it looks ok and like Laurence in the end - even if 'interrupted mid-conversation and looking a little gormless' wasn't the intention of the drawing, hahah. He looks mildly cross-eyed now I see a thumbnail version instead of zoomed in up close, does anyone else see that or is it my imagination from staring at this face too long?
Lie Down in the Cow Parsley by oingy-boingy
Lie Down in the Cow Parsley
I wanted to title this one "Lie down in the cow parsley and daydream at the summer sky", but that was far too long for DA's liking and I had to cut it short!

A rare new drawing, from the new tablet. Still having difficulties controlling the subtlety of touch and pressure, it's clumsy fingers unaccustomed to having to be this precise rather than any incompatibility with my computer or drawing programme, but the results are frustratingly coarse and it takes a lot of time-consuming tweaking and layering to get anything like as smooth as I used to - it's not that I'm unhappy with this picture's finished look, or saying it is bad, just bemoaning the efforts it took to get this far, and how much sleeker and richer it could've been :(

The idea came from a lazy afteroon in my own field of long grass and cow parsley, I rested in the sun after hauling three barrowloads of barrels of water for the ponies, and thought how nice it was laying surrounded by the flowers, and what a nice seasonal picture that would make if Ambrose found a moment to himself to rest in a quiet little spot between tasks on the farm. 
Sugar Cubes by oingy-boingy
Sugar Cubes
Inspired by ElreniaGreenleaf's unusual round picture a while ago, a little circular illustration of Amyas sharing a moment with hunter Horatio on a day off - he's heading out on a jaunt to shop and see a play, so no time for a ride today, it's ample amounts of white sugar cubes instead! :D

(Still using up my pictures drawn and coloured on the old graphics tablet, this one was completed a couple of months ago.)
Queen of the May by oingy-boingy
Queen of the May
A belated happy birthday to Iris Aston, who was born on the 1st of May, making her the natural choice for May Queen when I wanted to draw something seasonal - it can be her birthday portrait and May Day themed, all in one! I'd have had this done sooner if not for the demise of my graphics tablet, it's ended up being a full month too late, but I didn't want to keep it sitting here almost a year to post on her next birthday, so you get a May drawing on the first of June instead :D

I chose the Mucha style as I thought it'd be a good way to get to grips with inking on a new tablet with a very different pen feel, but actually found re-learning the ink technique to be easier than the colouring once I got going, I'm still figuring out the handling and struggling with the more delicate sensitivity settings than I'm used to on my old one (too little contact and I get barely any colour, but I've had to up the sensitivity settings otherwise I'm wearing the tablet surface and the nib to an insane degree, and my fingers are yet to master the amount of delicacy and softness they need - it's like trying to use a soft paintbrush to write when you're used to pressing hard with a ballpoint pen!
Iris is perfectly suited to being a Mucha girl, with her long hair that tends to curl toward the ends, and her vivid natural red colour he liked to use in his paintings. 
A New Start by oingy-boingy
A New Start
Young runaway Ambrose experiencing a moment of optimism, looking out across the farm and countryside where he is to make his new home and find his own way in the world :) This was such a lovely scene to write, I thought it deserved an illustration too.
He's had a tough time over the last couple of days, you can still see the scuffs and bruises on his face, and it's far from being all sorted out as he isn't even sure he'll be allowed to stay for long, but things are certainly looking up, and his mood is high - I aimed for a smile of hope and optimistic anticipation rather than outright excitement or joy, he feels this could just be the beginning of something good, rather than all his problems solved in the blink of an eye. He's been allocated the attic room in the workers' wing of the old farmhouse, it was really quite fun making the building look suitably delapidated and crookedly old!
The first appearance of the iconic Blue Coat, too, he's only just bought it and it's a little big, but then he is only 15, so he needs the room to grow (cos we know he keeps wearing that thing everywhere til he's about 40 and it finally gets too tatty for Laurence to let him go out in it, and even then it becomes his gardening coat cos he can't bear to throw it away.)

This is from my old tablet, still working my way through older finished things before posting newer things, but I promise I have been drawing a bit on the new one too!

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