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Better Bring The Horses In by oingy-boingy
Better Bring The Horses In
(I drew this the week it snowed but had other relevant things to post then and put it to one side, then forgot to upload it while it was still winter, so here, have a snowy picture in spring! Oops :D )

The snow seems to be getting thicker and starting to settle hard, so the farm workers have decided they ought to have the horses inside. Ambrose has fetched one of the shires, Orby (named after the Derby winner in the year of his birth!) - neither of them look too keen on the weather, but Orby knows there'll be a bucket of chaff and carrots for his dinner when he gets there, so Ambrose isn't having to pull him along too hard, heh.

I enjoyed drawing a completely different kind of horse, they've all been hunters lately so a shire (and a shaggy one in full winter coat!) was a bit of a change, as well as the excuse to draw up a different kind of bridle too. I grew up next door to a shire breeder and show judge, so I've always had a lot to do with them over the years, they're very familiar territory to me even if most of my pictures on here have been riding horses or ponies. Orby is half the farm's working horse pair, the other one is called Blackjack and will be a sabino roan when I get round to drawing him. Think I'll go for summer-coat for that colour pattern, though!

Ambrose has borrowed an extra layer for the cold weather, the yellow jumper he's got on might look familiar ;)
Sunshine by oingy-boingy
I don't just draw horses, I have some too :D
This is my youngest, my 'foalie' : I've known her since she was nine months old, and bought her when she turned two. This was her first ever time long-reining, she behaved so well and looked such a beautiful fiery colour in the winter sun I wanted a photograph to remember the day by. BK-47 suggested the picture was 'Deviation-worthy' so I've decided to upload it and see what you all think - doesn't my little one look lovely in the light :) 
'This Valentine got delivered to me by mistake!' by oingy-boingy
'This Valentine got delivered to me by mistake!'
It is, after all, an easy error for the postman to make, Amyas always gets a lot of Valentines and Peter lives right next door :D 

Peter, I think, would much rather have such an embarrassing item of post arrive secretly, always checking very early in the morning so that not even his housekeeper should get to the doorstep first on the morning of the 14th, just incase anything which needs hiding has been posted through. It's not eagerness that gets him up early, just avoiding the excruciating awkwardness of anyone discovering he may have an admirer.

Amyas seems rather amused :D

Just a quick sketch cos the other picture I did earlier wasn't especially Valentiney, just romantic, so I wanted to draw up one with an actual card in. And Peter's reaction to them is by far the funniest :D

(I realised too late I've parted Peter's hair on the wrong side, but I couldn't flip him opposite or he wouldn't be looking at the card!)
Let's Have a Lie-in by oingy-boingy
Let's Have a Lie-in
This year's valentine drawing, as usual featuring this most loved-up of couples, Laurence and Ambrose :D

First time I've felt something needed a nudity warning - I know it's very mild really but I didn't think I ought to startle anyone with this much sudden unannounced bare flesh in their inbox, particularly the new watchers who found me through my horsey art (welcome and thankyou!), and might not have realised there's occasonally this sort of thing too XD

This one's part of my 'new year's resolution' efforts to try drawing more difficult poses and faces from more varied angles, here killing two birds with one stone and going for a tricky arrangement of the characters as well as Ambrose's face from a direction we've not seen it before. I love how his eyes turned out, the prettiest they've looked for a long while :)
Miniature Rosettes by oingy-boingy
Miniature Rosettes
It's taken me a while to get round to making these and even longer to photograph them, but here in three-dimensional form are my characters' winnings from the Boxing Day meet of the Gibsonvale Hunt, run by oakhollowd back in December! Each horse and rider who placed in the competitive classes was awarded a digital rosette : Samson and Valiant took a green first place for Best Jumped, while Amyas and Horatio got a special mention in Best Turned Out (you can see the drawn versions here and here)
Because a few of my characters have made the jump from written/drawn to fully cluttered miniature 1/12th scale room sets, I thought it'd be fun to make up the rosettes in 'real life' to add to some I'd already done - the multicoloured selection on the right hand side of the table aren't past prizes as this was my first ever participation in an HARPG event.
(Only the rosettes here are hand made by me, the furniture, trophy, and rug are bought dolls' house miniatures, but I did fill the glass-topped table with tiny gemstone specimens as Amyas is an impulsive collector of interesting pretty things :D )

Because I thought it might be interesting for other mini-stuff-making friends and followers on here, I took this photo halfway through making one of the rosettes, so you can see the technique of ribbon-folding I used to get the overlaps looking right, and stitching securely enough to stay looking right once I pulled them into circles. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the precise amount of zig-zag which worked, heh

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