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Still Mine! by oingy-boingy
Still Mine!
"Fifteen years! Fifteen years today, it is. Whoever would've thought it, Laurence, after all that time you'd still be mine!"
"Pray tell, what makes me yours, and not you, mine?"
"Them two sides go together without sayin', sweet, it's like why's the day and night always go round in loops together, can't have one without the other."
"Ambrose, that is quite beautiful."
"So's you." :D

I originally sketched this out for Laurence's birthday, then realised Ambrose had crept his way in to what should have been a drawing all about Laurence, and started again (he got a portrait instead), so I put this to one side to save and finish off for their 'other anniversary' instead. That's what they call the day they met, and it falls today, on the 30th of August. If fifteen years have passed, that makes them 31, and Ambrose's blue coat is becoming quite vintage by now cos he's owned that since he was fifteen himself. Laurence has had several new yellow jumpers knitted by his mum in the meantime :)
Swimwear sketch by oingy-boingy
Swimwear sketch
Amyas sometimes goes swimming without his horse too :) I'd been wanting to draw a 1910s swimsuit for ages, I just love this era's design with the odd cut-out sides and the modest long legs to it, they're somehow funny and stylish at the same time. 

(Old-tablet drawing, just got misplaced and not posted for several months after I actually completed it, oops!)
Bonnie and The Foal by oingy-boingy
Bonnie and The Foal
I've posted a lot of drawings of horses, but very few of my very own much-loved ponies! I thought it was about time I gave these two a moment in the spotlight : meet Bonnie the shetland pony, and the curiously nameless New Forest x Welsh C filly who is her best friend in the whole world - she is now three and still being called 'Foalie' because no attempt at a more grown-up name has ever stuck :D
I bought Bonnie first, two and a half years ago, then when the foal arrived at the yard as a lonely little 9-month-old and needed a field companion, she got put in with my pony. Needless to say, I got far too attached to let her leave when she was two and ready to go off to a new home to start her education, so I bought her myself :)
Bonnie does lots of walks out and about, both in hand and on long reins, she can pull fence posts around the field in harness (a mini version of a logging horse!), and my friend's little girl has started riding her, too. She's got typical cheeky pony nature, but a little bit better behaved than most shetties! The foal is the gentlest, sweetest horse you could possibly hope to get hold of, extremely affectionate, and has been almost unnaturally cool and laid back about everything I've thrown at her as she's grown up. She didn't just walk across a tarpaulin, I wrapped her in it head to toe and she just stood there thinking how silly her human was XD I'm currently backing her to ride - I've been up five times so far and she's taking to it like a duck to water, we'll be hacking out on our own in no time :)

A simple portrait of them both, as they live together it didn't seem fair to split them up for single drawings. Their colours might be of interest to equine genetics fans, Bonnie is a sooty palomino (in her summer coat she's very dark golden brown with a blackish rump and even darker legs), and the foal a wild bay - her legs don't have the usual solid black points of the standard bay, but a mix of cream, black, dark brown, and gingery brown hairs, and her mane has a fringe of bright red and blonde guard hairs along the side.

(P.S this clicks several times larger than the standard DA display size, do have a bigger better look!)
Horatio by oingy-boingy
"The favourite hunter of Mr A. W. Grey"

I'd been wanting to do this for a long while, an old-fashioned portrait of Horatio, and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with the result! I can hardly believe something so professional-looking came out of my hours of scribbling away on the graphics tablet, heh.

This painting was the original I chose to work from, by A. Wheeler in 1884, sold on ebay a while ago (annoyingly I can't find it in the completed listings now and only have the copy I borrowed to draw from!) Though, I do think my own style has crept in quite a bit with the softer detailing, especially on the face and bridle, and all those pencilled edges, so it's turned out looking a bit more modern. Which admittedly is fitting, as it would have been done about 1913 in the context of my story (Amyas would have comissioned it from some local artist whose skill in capturing highly-rated or much-loved horses had passed through word of mouth among the horsey set.)

Never has dear Horatio looked so handsome! :D

(P.S this is a very large drawing, give it a little while to load then click two or three times to view the actual full size)
Stretchinked by oingy-boingy
Inklines of a blank-eyed Horatio jumping nothing! There will be a big scruffy ditch underneath them when this is done, but it just looked amusing to see them hurtling through mid air at high speed.

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