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King Henry by oingy-boingy
King Henry
Meet Wil's hunter King Henry, the latest equine addition to the cast. I'd always thought Wil would probably ride with the hunt, but didn't have time to design and draw up his mount for the Boxing Day meet with the others, so he's a bit later in the season, but looks grimly determined not to be left behind in the chase!

Wil's a big strong lad, so he needs a big sturdy horse to carry him all day, Henry is 17hh of imported Irish Draft x Thoroughbred. Schooled early over the banks and ditches of his home turf but proving a bit too unmannerly for gentlemen to ride, his price fell enough that farmers could get a look in at the bidding, and Wil's father came home with this big beast to try out. He's shared between them, and does general trip-to-town duties as well (they can't afford to keep a fit horse purely for sport, so Henry's also their day-to-day transport- a bit better quality ride than the farm horses the staff are expected to use), but as Mr Hilliard senior is getting a bit senior and doesn't feel as comfy on a horse at speed as he used to, his son takes the ride far more often.

I've wanted to put a fleabitten grey horse into the story for ages, this one is the ideal opportunity. It's also nice to draw a scruffier turnout than the posh chaps and ladies, Wil's firmly in the tweedy side of things :D 
Background mostly in MyPaint, characters in GIMP, horse's bit is one hanging on my wall cos I wasn't sure what to draw in his mouth as a change from a double bridle, so I went to have a look what I'd got which was in fashion about this era, heh.
A Birthday Portrait by oingy-boingy
A Birthday Portrait
Peter's birthday always makes me think I ought to do him a new drawing, this year he gets a close-up pencilly portrait as a contrast of styles with last time's heavily inklined stylised picture Top Hat and Tails.
Today would be his 120th birthday were he still around to celebrate it (if, indeed, he'd ever existed at all!)
It's quite limiting drawing Peter, cos there's only a few poses which suit his very dignified nature and tendancy to primness and formality, he would only like to be seen in sensible scenes and respectable art styles! He doesn't even like horses, so I can't do him a nice equestrian portrait, or proudly posing with a favourite hunter. I have, at least, managed to make him smile just a bit this time :)
Fish and Butterflies by oingy-boingy
Fish and Butterflies
More miniatures for my Edwardian gentleman of varied natural history interests! :D

There's a selection of recent bits and pieces here, and a few things I've had a while : the stag is a miniature genuine bronze sculpture I found on a trade stand at a Horse Trials event, the same artist had various different sizes and animals, the tiniest were perfect for a 12th scale miniature display and I think Amyas would be rather impressed by big old red deer stags.
The fish is the most recent addition, he was an 80p plastic one for a dolls house fishmonger stall but by trimming off surplus fins with a scalpel blade and a tiny bit of repainting he makes a nice taxidermy trout! There's a close up of him here if you'd like another look - note the horrendously unrealistic backdrop and tatty handfuls of dead grass, just like real ones of the era were often mounted with!
I'd wanted to do butterflies in a case for a long while, but not having access to a colour printer I couldn't make my own - I finally found realistic 12th scale ones as nail art transfers on ebay, which can be cut out complete with the backing paper rather than soaked off and stuck down as intended :D The second picture frame is filled with real fossil shells arranged in a decorative way, very popular at the turn of the century to make a collection look pretty rather than just set out in taxonomic order!
You can also see the shell jar, still being added to : it's not full enough yet but another summer's worth of beach visits ought to find me enough tiny shells to have it topped up to the brim. The wine glass has a couple of feathers inside, one from a wren and the other from Amyas's favourite bird, the peacock! I met one in the carpark of Belvoir Castle and as well as stalking him a little bit to get good photos, collected up some of his moulted feathers. You can't really tell cos the light isn't catching it but I found one of the metallic blue feathers so small it must be from his forehead, but at this scale would be from his chest where the feathers are the same colour and shape but many times larger!
Peter's birthday is on the 20th of March - I mustn't forget and miss it again!

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