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Lucky meets Horatio by oingy-boingy
Lucky meets Horatio
First thing drawn and coloured on the new graphics tablet! I've not run out of older pictures yet, there'll be plenty more from my desktop stockpile, but I did this for sobreiros who requested "The bunny meeting one of the horses" when I asked for art ideas last month - thought it was about time I completed another of those suggestions! Still getting to grips with colouring on the new one, inking I've just about got the hang of, and smudgey arty-style paint colour is going fairly well in one of my other in-progress pics, but this simpler bright style's proving trickier than on the old tablet cos of how the pen handles so delicate and soft. I'll get there in the end, it'll take more than a highly strung pen to put me off - I once drew on determinedly for weeks with no pen pressure sensitivity at all, and those are still some of my very favourite pictures in my whole gallery, heh!

Lucky and Horatio never really meet, but I'm pretty sure Lucky never meets any of Ambrose's work horses either, so it didn't matter who was in there - and this one ought to get the attention, belonging as he does to the supposed main character of the story (though the longer it goes on, the more the spotlight seems to get shared, I appear incapable of restraining the extras as they become central to the storyline and just as popular, heh). I should draw more bunnies, I like drawing bunnies :D
I managed to pick up a new graphics tablet in the Bank Holiday sale, and after it sat there in the box for a while being an odd mix between worrying and utterly uninteresting, I decided I better get it out and have a go.
It's very different to my old one, which had a small drawing area surrounded by a large frame, so you drew only into the very centre square and the rest was just plastic. This is half the size, but all 'alive' for want of a better word, it draws almost to the very edges. The size means I have to handle it differently - I think I've told a few of you before about my unusual technique : I can't rest it on a desk or table or even my lap and draw down onto it, I have to hold it on my left hand and draw with the right, so the pen pressure is controlled not only by how hard I press with the pen, but how much I resist against that pressure with my other arm. On the old tablet, I'd rest my hand behind it, fingers just overlapping the upper right corner for stability, with the plastic's edge reaching to my elbow.On the new one, it only comes just past my wrist, which means the rest of my arm's left with nothing to do, and that feels odd (imagine you've always written on an A4 pad of paper and suddenly you're given a reporter's notebook and it is tiny and you don't know where to fit your fingers anymore, heh).
The pen itself handles in a similar way to my old one, except that the nib is a little looser, so I find lines tend to jump or kink a little bit at the start as the pen takes up the slack and the nib doesn't go quite where I was aiming it - I'll get used to this, or else shove a slip of paper in there to make it sit a bit more solid, heh.
The only other difference is a sort of slowness to the pressure reactions, like if I drew a line starting with heavy pressure and tailing off, on my old one this would start at full opacity and fade out, where on the new one it's not heavy straight away and fades in as well as out - this isn't a problem as such, just something I'll have to deal with and allow for, especially when colouring - all efforts so far have come out a bit weird but I'll persevere - the main relief is that it works in my old version of GIMP so I don't have to update to that dreadful new one I tried once before and couldn't stand!
Finally, I've had to alter the hardness setting so I don't press as heavily as I used to : on my old tablet there was a hard plastic flap which folded down and protected the actual surface from the nib scratching, or wearing it down - this one doesn't have that, and after just one sketch session I could see the silver was starting to look a bit rough, so I've altered the settings for a much softer touch, which means I get darker/thicker lines with less pressure than I'm used to using, and that is weird, it's taking a lot of adjustment time and having to re-educate my fingers for a sort of delicacy that I never needed before, but if it means I'm not actively destroying the tablet with my scribbling, it's got to be done, lol

Here's an example of the new inking, I did this one a couple of days ago as a belated May Day picture: Mayqueenlines. It's Iris chosen as the May Queen, in the style of Mucha cos that's a good inky one to get my teeth into and see if I could get it looking like my usual efforts in this style. By the time it's finished it'll be even later, but the first of May is her birthday so I thought I'd combine that with something seasonal and draw it anyway, otherwise she'd have to wait a whole year, heh.
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On the Lawn, With a Book by oingy-boingy
On the Lawn, With a Book
The answer to the question 'Where is Amyas?' most afternoons this time of year :) He likes nothing better than lounging around in the sun with a book after lunch (a good lie down which can easily turn into a nap if left undisturbed), his friend Peter will sit neatly in a chair for his outdoor reading, but Amyas just rolls all over the lawn like a big happy cat :D This is partly why he and Iris hit it off so well at university, she takes off her shoes and stockings to sit on the grass and write, while he lays sunbathing and reads the pages as she finishes them :)

This one's been saved up til the weather's right, I drew it back in January when I first had the idea of him shading his face from the sun by holding the book upwards, but it needed keeping til summer to be relevant and seasonal! I really like how his hand turned out here, I had to mime the pose myself so if you're wondering what he's reading, mine was a pamplet about the largest recorded trees in Northamptonshire :) 
This was going to be an inklined picture but after doing the outlines I wasn't happy with the look matching the feel, so instead it's got the original sketch lines softened into the colour shading to give it a much gentler effect, and a soft light overlay to make it all glowy and bright.
Wil Hilliard the Farmer's Son by oingy-boingy
Wil Hilliard the Farmer's Son
Another of my been-waiting-a-while pictures, it's been rather satisfying having a little buffer of completed art to take the pressure off my prevaricating self and mean I get a little less frustrated when I don't manage to do a new drawing often enough, but now with the demise of my poor old beaten-up tablet it's time to work my way through the older drawings one at a time til I have nothing left, heh.

Wil was brought into the story as a necessary extra, a gap in the cast of characters which needed to be filled - he'd existed as a vague barely-mentioned outline of a man right from the start, always just as 'the farmer's eldest son', but last year he finally got a face, a name, and more recently I've been filling out a personality to match it. You seem to like him, so I thought he ought to have a proper full-colour portrait :D

(His hair was very difficult, so I cropped most of it out - I should stop giving people curls cos every time I then realise I have to draw them like that and wish they had some simpler hairstyle to colour in!)
He is the Very Best of Friends by oingy-boingy
He is the Very Best of Friends
First of the pictures I drew a while ago, this one was back in about January I think, and kept getting pushed aside in favour of seasonal and relevant drawings which took priority - sorry boys! 
Here we see Ambrose and Laurence with their closest friend, Felix : the one trusted confidant who knows all their secrets, and can be relied upon to keep them safe. There's nothing they can't say in front of him, no smutty joke they can't tell, and no need to hide the true nature of their relationship when he's at their house, leaving them completely relaxed and able to be themselves in his company - it's a real relief to have someone like this on their side. He's also pretty fun to be around - a great drinking companion and always encouraging just a little mischief and mayhem :D
Also, coats. I like drawing coats.
This shows nicely how Laurence is the only smartly dressed one in the trio : only his waistcoat gets ironed, only his coat is hung up carefully, and only his collar is starched (in fact, Ambrose doesn't even wear a collar except on the most special of occasions, and lazy Felix went and got himself some those new-fangled modern shirts where the collar is actually attached and made of the same fabric! :o ). We all know Ambrose's wardrobe is limited, untidy, and not altogether very clean very often, but Felix's lack of attention to his dressing manages to outdo his friend in the scruffiness stakes - it's a miracle he even managed to get that many buttons done up on the right holes :D

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