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I've had a good idea for a nicely seasonal Halloween drawing - last time round I scared poor Peter with spooky noises in his attic, this year a different character has to face his fears...
Under the Old Horse Chestnut Tree by oingy-boingy
Under the Old Horse Chestnut Tree
One last autumn evening of quiet peace and companionship before Amyas leaves for foreign shores and bravely doing his duty - even though he's not afraid or unwilling to enlist, he'd much rather stay home, and so it's very bittersweet spending this last day for a long time in the places he loves best, with the people most dear to him. Peter's found the whole war situation very unsettling, and they very nearly had a falling out over Amyas's decision to go, but now they're reconciled and able to make the most of the time left, as well as plans for afterwards - Amyas wants to buy a motorcar, and they'd quite fancy a trip to Paris in the spring. 

This is one of my favourite pictures of these two, Amyas being his usual affectionate intruder into absolutely anyone's personal space, and Peter far too polite to mention if he's uncomfortable with that, but he's used to it by now. Amyas's eyes have never looked so adorably big and bright, and I'm a bit jealous of his lovely long brown riding boots!

(If you're playing spot-the-spiderweb, there's four to look for this time ;) )
Wil by oingy-boingy
Not Will, Wil. It's short for Wilfred, but he doesn't like Wilf because that was his grandad's name. Ambrose has no idea about the nuances of spelling and thinks he is calling him Will - imagining it short for William - for years.

Wil is the farmer's son who unwittingly set a romance in motion by inviting his old school friend Laurence to the Harvest barn dance in 1913 - he is, and forever remains, unaware of what happened as a result of dragging a town boy along to a country thing, heh. I thought as he has such an important part in the development of this particular plot, he deserved a face, and a drawing, even though in writing he's only had one mention, no lines, and waved at one of the main characters from a distance, heh :D
It was also a nice change to draw a bit tougher character for a change - being a hard physical worker he's quite muscly, and as everyone else in the story seems to be posh, a skinny boy, or a woman, I've never had the chance to draw big muscles before, heh
So, Deviantart has updated - to be honest I haven't noticed much of the new stuff cos my reason for being on DA has quite a small focus - I'm only here for my own art and that of my friends, and talking to people I already know : I post things, look at what you've posted, I comment & reply, and I use Notes. All that can still be done from the Message Centre page I bookmarked, years ago, so all the rest of the Mobile-style updates are irrelevant and doesn't really bother me.
I've had a poke around at what is new - I won't ever be looking at Today or What's Hot etc, the Watch Feed seems a bit pointless cos I already can see when people I watch have posted things, and would rather go look at them in full, caption and comments and all, than the summary of small previews, I won't be going there again.
The Activity Feed on my main profile seems to be rather expanded version of the 'Newest Deviations' widget I've always thought was a good idea, I don't mind my recent pics being put to the front page, and it doesn't appear that they deleted anything better to fit that column in instead, so I'm fine with it.
The Status Updates might be something I'd use, if anyone would even care to know what drawings I had in progress - I kind of assume you'd all rather just wait a bit and see a picture, than see me writing that I was colouring one in, but I'll give it a try if anyone thinks they'd bother to read it, heh
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Out of Uniform by oingy-boingy
Out of Uniform
I thought it was about time I drew Felix in his own clothes, we've only ever seen him in his postman's uniform, or dressed up in a stage costume! His casual clothes are very scruffy - he's always got his shirt untucked, and his tie crooked, and his hat pushed off-centre; he's so used to having to dress precisely to suit a certain role, whether in his acting or when being all formal and official as a postal employee, that when he gets to just be himself, it's a very untidy and dishevelled self we see!
He's going to wear a lot of dark shirts, like grey or black or brown with a tiny check pattern, to help tell him apart from Ambrose who also resembles a scruffy commoner most of the time, and has a similar lean build and messy black hair - I really didn't plan ahead when adding Felix to the cast cos while 'he played Ambrose's brother in a play' is a GREAT way to get them to meet and be friends, casting him for his lookalike quality then wreaks havoc in trying to make them look different enough in the pictures afterwards, heh.

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