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Good news : I will no longer be struggling to draw terrible things to meet seasonal deadlines, however for the inevitably accompanying bad news : I can't draw at ALL now!

I just went to have another go at the hunting sketches and my tablet wouldn't respond. I tried changing the pen battery, still no life, so I checked it on the other computer and it definitely wasn't doing anything. For the last couple of years I've had the cord taped in at the back because it had worked loose and without a hefty application of duck tape the power would flick on and off leaving weird gaps in my lines! I thought I'd try wriggling it around and adding new tape, but when I peeled off the last lot, it looks like this :

Wire by oingy-boingy (click to embiggen)

It seems that where the wire bends whenever I handle the tablet - because I hold it in my left hand while I draw, like a sketchpad, rather than flat on a desk - it had been suffering wear and tear and gradually come apart. The red wire is actually broken right through (the gremlins have clearly been playing bomb-squad in the night : cut the red wire!), and the whole tablet has lost power as a result. I can't even draw badly now!

I'm going to attempt to perform some sort of electrical surgery by stripping back a bit of the plastic to look for the other end of the red wire and see if I can do a bodge job to stick them together, but it doesn't look hopeful - pretty sure I'll have to get a new tablet. And being pricey things I'll probably wait til the new year sales to do that incase I can get hold of one reduced...which means no new art for the winter solstice, christmas, the boxing day hunt, new year's night, or anything else I feel like in between!
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Ugh, one of those days when artwork just won't play nice.
I've had five separate attempts at drawing horses and riders, with my last full day off before Christmas and therefore the Boxing Day deadline for these hunt pictures, and not one was working well. I've kept the sketches because the basic outlines of scribbled horses were fine, but when I went to try continuing them into a finished style ready to colour or shade, just appalling. The inking repeatedly came out clumsy and over-heavy, no stylised sensitivity, just thick blobby outlines which emphasised every shake of my hand. Some copies turned out blurred for some incomprehensible reason, it shouldn't even be able to blur, there isn't a setting for that. I gave up and tried a different style, pencil shaded, but that just looked a hideous mess. I started afresh on new sketches, and now I can't even draw a human face or remember what a horse looks like from the front.
It's just perfect luck that when I have a lot to draw and rapidly-running-out time left to do it, I'm suddenly not able to handle a pen or make anything decent happen. Six hours of relentless failure kind of gets the spirits down. There might not be a boxing day hunt the way this is going. 

I think I'll just cancel art for this week, and go write something instead. 
  • Mood: Grouchy
Fortune by oingy-boingy
May I introduce Hilda, and her new hunter for the 1893 season, grey gelding Fortune. The companion piece to Valiant, where we see her husband Samson aboard his own favourite horse - I've reworked the background to an autumnal colour and slightly different piece of ground so she can pose neatly at a halt. 
Hilda is Amyas's mother, and if he gets his nose and a hint of similarity about the eyes from his father, his colouring is all from his mother's side - blonde and bright bright blue! She's a keen horsewoman, in fact that is how she met Samson, and her fierce determination to outride him at every opportunity was what made him decide he had to marry her :) This portrait, like the matching one, is a flashback to the first year of their marriage, well before little Amyas - if I want to draw him on a pony to complete the family, it'll have to be set about six years later, heh.

Fortune is very young here, at the age of five this will be his first season riding out with the hunt - I chose a dappled grey for the added interest of how he would change over the years, so I can draw him anything from dark to a pure white-grey in his old age when he's lounging about having a fat'n'happy retirement with Horatio and the others. He's a kind-tempered horse, very easygoing and with a tendancy to laziness when bored during exercise or schooling, but can gallop and jump with the best of them when his blood's up and the chase is on! Hilda loves him dearly, not least because he was her wedding present from a certain horse-mad husband-to-be :D

As with the picture of Valiant, the horse and rider were drawn and coloured using GIMP, the previous background was reworked and added to using MyPaint (though this time I did also edit the colour balance using GIMP to get the autumn look). 
Service With A Smile by oingy-boingy
Service With A Smile
Felix genuinely enjoys his work as a postman - even though it's a little less exciting than his second career acting on stage and later on screen, his day job isn't something dreary he does just to pay the bills. Delivering the letters (and small parcels strapped to the front of his bicycle) he gets to meet a lot of people - and of course, being Felix, he uses this as an ideal opportunity to flirt :D

This is his birthday portrait, I hadn't chosen a date til recently but having grown his part from a minor character in a single chapter, to being a regular cast member with a full story to tell, he deserved a birthday :) 

His bike is based on these 1920s photographs hereand here, but they're wearing the uniform of the higher-ranking postmen with the shirt-and-tie variation rather than the simple tunic Felix wears, as seen in this one.
I was about to post that today is Felix's birthday, then realised that might be a bit confusing as I have a cat AND a character called Felix : so to clarify it is the Postman not the Pussycat who can celebrate on the 8th of December (we do not know feline Fee's birthday cos he was an adopted rescue cat).

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