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Ambrose at Twenty-one by oingy-boingy
Ambrose at Twenty-one
The second Ambrose portrait, in this he's 21, and a great deal has happened to him in those six years since the first picture - he's been made homeless, found himself a new life in the country, been through the physical and mental suffering of World War I, and finally come home to his peaceful life of hard work on the farm again, with the love of his life safe by his side. 

I can't decide which of these portraits I like best, the fifteen-year-old one is very sweet and neatly groomed, but the older Ambrose is certainly more of a character with his unkempt hair (he stopped getting it cut tidily on leaving the army, declaring himself joyfully free from the compulsory military short-back-and-sides, and determined to let all his curls grow back in - til they reach his collar and start annoying him when it's hot and he realises there's a limit to just how wild he wants his hair to be, heh).
Which one is your favourite?
Ambrose at Fifteen by oingy-boingy
Ambrose at Fifteen
A pair of portraits for Ambrose Lambert! Here he's 15, the age we first meet him in the story, working in the theatre in his spare time, with no idea of the adventures life is about to throw at him. 
One of the last few things drawn on my much-missed old graphics tablet, I've been saving these pictures up so I had something to post for his birthday, then managed to completely forget to put them up on the right day (it was yesterday, the 26th of July), so here, have them a bit late, sorry Ambrose :D
This was the first one I did out of the two, the original young face, the second picture was edited and detailed to age him a bit. I may well eventually take that picture and age it a bit more, and see how he looks at thirty or forty, but for now there's just two in the set.
Boy on the Beach by oingy-boingy
Boy on the Beach
Because it's become tradition to draw everyone for their birthdays, here's this year's portrait for Amyas, enjoying some sunshine on a sandy beach :) He loves having a summer birthday, it means he can do something lovely during the day as well as going out, or having a fancy dinner, in the evening. This year he's spent most of it swimming and paddling in the sea, collecting shells for his jar, and sunbathing (but he'll stay pale as can be no matter how long he spends in the sun, this boy seems completely incapable of tanning!)
Peter would probably go with him if invited, but pass his time fretting about sand getting on his clothes or his shoes, looking at the sea from a distance without any wish to touch it, and absolutely point-blank refusing to sit in a deck chair because of the potential for embarassment if they collapse or fold up under him. He doesn't hate the beach as such, just would rather see it from the safe civilisation of the promenade or pier. 

Drawn mostly on the old tablet, just some lighting and filler-shading done on the new one, hence the softness of pencilling I just can't manage anymore! I like how his light-coloured eyes turned out, and how content he looks with his sunbathing spot :)
I've been saving this up til his birthday, I am slowly running out of old-tablet drawings to post but there's a few more to go yet!
Mr Gerald Finch by oingy-boingy
Mr Gerald Finch
You all wanted the shopkeeper, here he is!

I was amazed how popular the chap in the pawn shop turned out to be, just a minor role in a prequel chapter, yet everyone who's read his single scene so far has told me how much they like him, or want more with him in :D It's lovely, don't get me wrong, I do like when characters strike a chord and seem to immediately come to life like this, it's just a bit unexpected because I wasn't expecting too much fuss over an aging fellow with a dark and grimy sort of shop, heh. So, now he has a name, and an introductory portrait : meet Mr Gerald Finch :D

For those who haven't yet read the chapter he's in, Gerald runs the notorious Jenks & Tulworthy, a pawn shop and general second-hand-goods emporium in Great Barton (where Ambrose ends up after leaving home - this is where he buys his Blue Coat :) ). This is the kind of shop where you've a pretty good chance of buying most things, and a lot of things which don't come under the heading of 'most things', too, like a stuffed and mounted wild boar head, an Elizabethan scrying mirror, a prison guard's hat (possibly stolen), a glass eye, and most of the good bits of a microscope in a box marked 'buttons'. Just ask him, he'll help you find it, cos he has a ridiculously good memory for where everything is in all that mess :D

His portrait is based on a man I saw on tv (this chap who did a report on Gardener's World a couple of weeks ago), and immediately thought had the perfect hair for Gerald...on reflection I decided he also had the perfect face! An odd way to come up with a character design, admittedly, but a lot of people base faces on favourite and very famous film stars, so I'm just using a more obscure inspiration for mine, heh.
It was a lot of fun drawing an older character for a change, I've wanted to try it for a while now but aging-up an existing boy or girl we know in their twenties seemed much harder than having a fresh start on a whole new older face - this portrait gave me the push to try working on the way faces change and gain new detail with the years, expressive wrinkles and smile lines.

One more point of note, look at his eyes : I'd said I wanted to have a character with odd-coloured eyes but thought it might be too different for different sake when it's quite a rare phenomenon in real life, but I think I can get away with it by allocating one-brown-one-green to a minor character : he's not a star of the piece with some special unlikely feature to make him stand out, it's just that some people do end up with eyes like that and sooner or later you meet one, why shouldn't it be the nice chap in the pawn shop? :D
Heatwave by oingy-boingy
Inspired by the summer heatwave we're currently enjoying (or not, depending on your feelings about hot weather!), and the annual household cavalry trip to ride their horses in the sea, I thought I'd send Amyas and Horatio for a nice paddle in cool water too. I think this is a lake, though, they don't live near the coast and the water's too still for sea waves, even on a calm day, heh. He found an old bridle so the soaking didn't spoil any of his usual ones, and left his saddle at home because I think Tristan the groom would want to give his young master a good flogging with the schooling whip for ruining a leather saddle he'd spent years looking after!

I've not tried this style before, with lines to add some shape and shading as in old book illustrations - it was very time consuming but turned out something like I'd hoped for a first attempt. You can see the version with no watercolouring here, for a better view of all the little lines, and a bonus colour edition here (because I painted it in colour but then changed my mind and desaturated it afterwards, and still can't quite decide whether I prefer the coloured one or not!)

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